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Business Listings Management

Every business that has been online for a while is listed on hundreds of internet directories and websites. These listings can include your name, address, phone number, hours of operation, website address, company description, and sometimes photos. Having all this information available is really great for customers who are searching for you online, as long as it is correct! However, wrong and missing information causes lots of problems and reduces your ranking in local search engine results. And, with hundreds of listings all over the internet, it's virtually impossible to manually update and correct all that information yourself.

The Most Effective Business Listing Service!

The solution is our Ultimate Business Listing Service. It's the simple and easy way for business owners to tackle this herculean task without spending a fortune. Plus, it is the most effective and comprehensive service of its kind.


It's Easy!

We're So Easy To Work With

Our service is flat out simple to use. Just complete the Business Profile Form once - yep, just one time - and we'll take it from there.  When things change you can update your listings and add more information for free, we offer unlimited updates with this service. Plus, if you need help we have real live human beings that will assist you.

Save $

Save HOURS In Labor Time & Expenses

Seriously, The Ultimate Business Listing Service will save you over 300 hours a year in labor time and expenses. It is nearly impossible to fix, update and keep track of all the online listings for your business manually, especially since there are new ones getting created all the time without you even knowing about them.


Let's face it. Your prospects search online to find your business when they are ready to buy.  But trying to fix, update, and monitor search engines, hundreds of online directory listings and GPS / Navigation sites manually are impossible! You've got a business to run. That's where we come in. Our software will make sure your business information is published on the top online data providers so it gets distributed to search engines and over 300 of the top online directories. It also locks this data in place so it can't get corrupted, preventing the cycle of publishing errors and bad information from starting all over again.

You need accurate and consistent business listings so more prospects can find you and make purchases. Listing errors and omissions negatively affects your online reputation and visibility and will lower your search engine rankings. Our service will fix all of these listing problems and provide the solid foundation necessary to make finding your business online and offline easier for customers and improve your Search Engine Optimization efforts in the future. 

  • Accurate business listing details that you want published - sent directly to the internet data providers
  • Manual submissions to the most important local directories and websites to claim your listings.
  • Your business listings will be sent to search engines and over 300 online directories
  • Your business listings will appear on Internet Yellow Pages and GPS / Navigation sites
  • You'll get a Mobile Optimized Location Page for your business: essential if you don't have a website or if your website isn't mobile responsive - it's an added bonus listing if you already have a mobile responsive site - all so you can rank higher on search engines
  • Software updates and improvements, hosting and maintenance are all included
  • You get UNLIMITED business listing data updates for as long as you own the service
  • Your business listing information is "locked-down" to prevent anyone else from claiming your listings, and prevent more errors for as long as you own the service
  • Your own personal Listing Concierge - We will do all the work for you - just provide us with your listing information by completing our online form and sending us the image files you want to use. If you need help you can work with a real live human being!


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